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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The EFF YOU song

By now, you've probably heard that catchy, chart-topping tune with the expletive-laden title and lyrics. The cleaned-up version is called "Forget You." Radio stations tag it the "F.U." song. But most everybody knows the original title is a blantantly profane: "F*** YOU".

The snappy, little hip-hop ditty is all over the place. It's won a gluttony of accolades and awards including the Grammy for Best Urban Alternative Performance. An American Sign Language version of the song is on YouTube. Well...kiss my middle finger...could that be any easier to perform?

Celebrity A-lister, Gynneth Paltrow performed it on the TV show, Glee. Paltrow also belted it out at the Grammys with the song's recording artist, Cee Lo Green....AND the back-up singers. Let's see...the Muppets, funky dancing and raunchy lyrics. My how Sesame Street has changed. That's about as bizarre as Eminem--no stranger himself to repulsive lyrics--doing conservative Ford commercials. Oh wait. The raging rapper's not only doing the commercials...he's driving the product instead of smashing the windows or stealing the hubcaps.

Just this week, the song was featured on the season premier of Dancing With the Stars....for a Fox Trot dance routine, no less. Fox Trot and rap-hop in the same hemisphere? That's like Hilary Clinton and Moammar Gadhafi pairing up for a stint on DWTS.

But truth be told...I like the song...the sanitized version. I just can't help it. The lyrics are just plain lame. But it's upbeat, energetic, colorful and obsessively addictive to listen to. Kind of like 'Don't Worry, Be Happy" with an Fbomb attitude.

I have to wonder though. Have we lowered our musical standards to such depraved depths that just because a vulgarity-infused song has a zippy ring to it, it can command huge mainstream popularity? The answer obviously is a resounding "yes". Would a sassy tune about Hitler or Osama Bin Laden, sung by a cheery dude in sunglasses and baggy pants, curry the same gleeful favor? If it was infectiously cute and you could dance to betcha. Whether we like it or not, MTV is the cultural barometer of our pop musical taste. Elvis, no doubt, is swiveling over in his grave. Sphere: Related Content
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