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Monday, November 21, 2011

Those Turkeys in Washington Have Cooked our Goose!

It's Thanksgiving time and that means turkeys roasting in ovens across the country. But what about those turkeys in Washington D.C.? Americans are getting our gooses cooked by a bunch of impudent, self-preening, Washington politico buffoons, who wobble around the halls of Congress like bumbling, old gobblers stumbling through a barn yard full of political partisan turkey poop. They are so entrenched in their own mud-slinging, political animosities,  stagnating indecisiveness and self-aggrandizing that they couldn't run a lemonade stand much less an entire country.

Is anybody surprised by the failure of the so-called Super Committee? It's more like a stupid committee. Did anyone ever, even for a minute, think these paid elected representatives could muster enough courage, intellectual savvy, cooperation and good old fashioned give and take to reach some kind of debt reduction agreement. My dog could have figured out something! And I don't even own a dog. But if I did, I'm pretty sure he'd find some bones.

And who set up this lame-brain committee in the first place? President Barach Obama. Mr. President, I humbly submit that any average American outside of Washington could have told you that when you hole up a bunch of squabbling politicians in a room, they'll come up with nothing but hot air and windbag excuses. They had no leader. You did not take charge, sir. The super stupid committee was nothing more than a pass-the-buck trick to deflect criticism off of you, our president, and smear it all over a bunch of hapless bipartisan dupes. And your scheme may very well work. I held great hopes for you, Mr. Obama. We all did. Yet frankly sir, based on your unremarkable, passive leadership and inability to solve our current problems, I have absolutely no confidence in you whatsoever. The super committee is yet one more example of you not taking command of our crisis situation.

Mr. President, I respectfully beseech you...for the goodness of America...lose your "blame them" baggage. Drop your "victim" attitude. Next time you want to blame Bush. STOP. Don't do it. That's old. Boring. Unproductive. Rise to the occasion. LEAD with bold actions. Be a statesman. INSPIRE! DO SOMETHING! You talk about compromise but you constantly accuse and belittle not only your political opponents but the American people. I for one, am sick of your churlish blaming of others. We've got a problem. FIX IT. Think outside the box. Brainstorm some solutions yourself. Stop piddling around. Ask Michelle. Honestly, Mr. President, I am so disappointed by your lack of substantive ideas. As for your opponents being obstinant...indeed they are. But it's up to YOU to bring them around. Practice friendly persuasion. Show statesmanship. Play golf with them. Invite them for  sleep overs at the W.H.  Play B ball...and let them win. Play nice.

Ask yourself: what would Bill Clinton do? What would Ronald Reagan do? What would Harry Truman do? Apparently the old school, "slap em on the back, smile, pretend you like em, good ole boy" style of getting things done actually works in Washington. It's worked since the time of our founding fathers. You tried to change things. How's that working? Stalemates and deepening failures. You gotta get flying, sir. Be our national hero. Not our demise.

YOU must do the leading, sir. You must preside. Seek advice from successful, smart, real-world business people not politicians or academics. Redeem yourself, sir. You still have a golden opportunity to earn reelection. Solve the financial crisis of America with innovative ideas. We need positive action and responsible leadership. Turn this country around for the better. Lead Americans back on the path to prosperity again. And perhaps, sir, you will deserve my vote and my respect.

I am just a humble, ordinary, cash poor, unhappy but patriotic American who is very, very worried about the condition of our beloved country. As an independent voter, I've been struggling which way to cast my ballot next November. The problem is: There is no person at this point in either party who seems the least bit capable of resolving the problems our country faces. Those inept folks on Capitol Hill in both parties, who are supposed to be working for us, have proven themselves to be an abject, spineless bunch of bungling, gutless, self-serving, irresponsible, incompetent lunkheads. This bothers me. Does it bother you? To many Americans it seems the only decisions these screwballs can come up with is which restaurant to dine at...on the taxpayers tab, no doubt. I'm guessing there may be a few other citizens in this country who feel the same way I do.

So here's what I'd do to all those super jerks who could not figure out a debt solution. FIRE THEM ALL!  They failed. Pack your bags folks and get the hell out of D.C. You wasted all our time and lord knows how many millions of dollars you squandered sitting on your butts for months, munching donuts and sandwiches, texting, playing Bejeweled Blitz, googling stupid stuff and eventually coming up with zilch, zippo, nothing. You should be ashamed of yourselves. But of course, you won't be. You are shameless with your unabashed hubris and lime-light microphone grabbing. As for all the other political offices...including the Prez....I say change them all to volunteer jobs. No salaries. No lobbyists. And make them pay for their own health insurance. They'll still have some power and prestige but no perks. Maybe a decent pension when they retire. That way, all the money-grubbing, political leaches may drop out. And we might just get some honest, hard-working, responsible, competent folks to run our government who could actually get along and balance the budget. That my friends, would eventually give Americans something to truly celebrate on Thanksgiving Day. Sphere: Related Content
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