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Friday, January 22, 2010

Waiting for Knology

I've been waiting all day for the Knology guy to come. The what guy? By way of brief explanation: Knology is an internet/cable company...the only choice we have in Dunedin, Florida where I am spending a few months this winter. As far as I'm concerned, it's a really dumb name for a communications company. It's not catchy and it doesn't exactly roll off your tongue. Loosely translated, I think ology is Greek for "the study of" as in criminology, theology, biology. So what are the Knology folks trying to convey? That they specialize in the study of...knowledge? I could come up with a better name in my sleep: How about Teknology? Maybe that was already taken but if it's not, I got dibs on it. Anyway, what they really need to bone up on is how to treat their customers effectively and courteously. The fact is that their internet connection to my new laptop seldom works. For the past two weeks, my computer has been going on and off. On and off. On and off. I fully expect it to disconnect before I get through writing this post.

Two weeks ago, I called Knology and told them we had a problem. They said they'd send a technician out in two days. "Could they give us a time frame?" I asked hopefully. "Sometime during the day", was their response. "But we'll be sure to call ahead and let you know we're on the way." So I stayed inside on a perfectly beautiful day and waited for the technician to come. Finally around 4 p.m. my laptop sprang back to life. The service person never showed but I figured maybe they were able to remotely fix it.  Around 8:30 at night, the door bell rang. At 8:30 here in Florida, it's very dark. I wasn't expecting anyone so I looked out the window. I didn't see anybody. Then came another buzz on the bell. I was by myself so I cautiously opened the front door. Standing outside was a guy with a 3 day beard growth, rumpled clothes, big boots and a sloppy shirt. Not the sort you'd invite inside. I thought he had the wrong address. Then he asked: "You need service?" Not from you, if you were the last man on earth...I thought to myself. Then I noticed some words on his shirt: Knology. Turns out he was the technician although he hadn't bothered to identify himself, nor phone ahead. I debated whether to let him in because it seemed like the problem was fixed. Then I thought maybe he could take a look...just in case. So I let him inside.

All the while he was in our house, I was nervous. He wasn't friendly and looked more like he'd been out digging up sewers, than solving computer problems. He spent exactly 2 minutes at my laptop keying in some jibberish on the screen and said: "OK, all fixed." I was more than happy to show him out the door. 

Shortly after he left, my laptop went down again. It's been going on and off ever since. I called again. This time, their office told me somebody would come out on Friday between 2 and 4 pm. Today is Friday. It's almost 6 o'clock in the evening. I'm still waiting. Knology never showed. They never called. Amazingly, I'm nearly at the end of this post and my laptop is still connected. But it won't be long before the connection shuts down again. And I'm waiting and I'm waiting..... Sphere: Related Content


Marla said...

You did NOT let that guy in your house? Now, that is scary! Be careful, Boomer.

Kathy said...

You don't have any other choices for internet service there? I would be looking for something wireless or even satellite connections. Sounds like Knology needs some stiff competition.

Brenda Grolle said...

I love the humor in your post, but I realize you're feeling anything but humorous about your flaky Internet connection. IMO, the Internet is a necessity, not a luxury anymore. My kids are required to use certain websites at time to do homework assignments.

Cable companies have some of the worst customer service I've ever experienced. It must be a disease or something.

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