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Saturday, April 11, 2020


I HAVE NEVER SEEN IT SO FREAKISHLY STILL IN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD! It's a slightly overcast day with no breeze. Even the refreshing afternoon sea breeze from the Gulf of Mexico has not blown in today. It's peaceful. Almost too peaceful. Goose-bumps-running-up-your-arm peaceful. As if something BIG but not pleasant....was about to happen. But I know nothing is going to happen because we're all on semi-lockdown. Outside, there's hardly a sound. No traffic noise. No cars on the street. No people. No laughing conversations. No dogs barking. 

I was out front, tending my flower pots, when I suddenly became aware of how LOUD the quiet was. It was profound. Typically, there are always neighbors out walking by and we end up distance style. But today there is no one. It seems so eerie. I can feel a chill tip-toe down my spine. It's probably sweat from working in the garden but it's a very cold sweat. The stillness is un-nerving. I decide to walk around our streets to see if anybody is outside. We live in a very social community with friendly neighbors and interweaving streets. We even have a village circle that everyone strolls around. 

Today, not a soul was on the village circle. I saw one man walking his dog down the street. The man wore a protective mask over his face and shouted a muffled "Hi there!" to me from across the street. Then I saw a sweet neighbor lady quietly sitting & relaxing in her lovely, flower-filled front yard. We chatted for a bit from a distance. A little further along, I saw 6 people on 6 chairs in one front lawn. Every one of them had on a protective face mask, blue plastic gloves and they were all seated at least 6 feet apart. One of them was trying to smoke a cigarette with her mask on. I walked on and saw nobody else in the entire community. 

So apparently most folks in our community are keeping their distance. And for some reason, today neighbors are especially hunkered down. The STILLNESS is real. It's kinda weird. The utter silence is unusual. It's unsettling. And at the same time, it's almost spiritual. It's calming. In the midst of all this Covid-19 chaos, the silent tranquility is welcoming. I'm just not used to it. But it's all to protect ourselves and our neighbors. Somebody once wrote: STILLNESS OF THE HEART IS THE HEALING OF YOUR SOUL. Maybe so. Let's pray the entire world heals quickly. Sphere: Related Content
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