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Monday, August 3, 2009

The Amazing Power of Beer

Here, Here!
Hurray for beer.
Beer is the answer to all our troubles
Pass the suds and make mine doubles.

It's amazing the power of beer
Makes all our problems disappear
Misunderstandings? Racial tension?
Time for a six pack intervention.

If you're from Harvard or the hood
A pint of beer makes us all feel good
The Prez proved he's a Bud lite guy
Teachable moment: Here's mud in your eye.

Now we know that it's perfectly clear
We can solve disputes over a glass of beer.
So let's get Congress to share in the fun
Ply them with brewskies and maybe they'd get something done.

A mug of beer, a stein of stout
Fix health care, get it all worked out.
If Congress set up a beer concession
They could lower taxes and end the recession.

Shake a leg
Open a keg
Pour a draft for everyone
Beer is how we get things done.

Step up to the bar
Grab a cigar
Anyone can be a tabloid star
I wanna be the new Beer Czar. Sphere: Related Content


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