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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ho Ho Florida Christmas

A traditional Florida. Is there such a thing? Can you really get into the holiday spirit in a land where hurricane season has just ended and soaring humidity soaks up every ounce of your energy?  We're here in Florida for the Christmas holidays celebrating the birth of a brand new baby grandson and enjoying spending time with our daughter and her family. We live up North where right this minute, they are being bombarded with snow. Mountains and mountains of snow. Call me crazy, but I miss the fluffy white stuff...especially at Christmas time. Down here in Tampa, sunshine, balmy weather and palm trees just don't put me in a festive spirit. Store window posters of Santa Claus slumped in a beach chair and tossing back Jose Cuervo, don't inspire a holiday mood for me. Although it does make me hanker for a Margarita. Frankly, I would much rather experience falling snow, frosted windowpanes and a cozy fire in the hearth on Christmas Day than sweltering humidity and flip flops.

Nonetheless, we're embracing the warm tropical weather and are thankful that we're not slipping and sliding across ice covered roads. What? I just heard that a cold front may be moving in...low 70's. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Sphere: Related Content


J.P. Travis said...

Oh thank goodness. When I saw the title I thought, "Oh no, they ran into Tiger Woods while they were in Florida."

Respectfully Yours said...

I hope the heat and humidity holds. We fly out Wednesday to the heat in Orlando, Florida. Yippee. We will make it festive no matter what.

Sarah said...

enjoy the heat. you'll have plenty of snow and white christmas in the years to come. and lol at j.p.'s comment!

Janet said...

hold some of the hot humid weather for us. We are looking forward to Christmas in flip flops.

Innocent Owner Of Mad Cats said...

I dunno, I think it depends on where you grow up. I prefer the Sun and no snow. I'll take it chilly for Christmas though.

PS. chilly for me is in the mid 50's. :)

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