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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Random Super Bowl Observations by Somebody Who Could Care Less About Football

Super Bowl XLIV. Miami. First off, I readily admit I don't like football. I think it's incredibly boring. Seems like it's just a series of start, stop, start, stop with a lot of whistle blowing in between and more time-outs than a 3 year old gets in a year. The players are bunched together in a huddle and whenever they do run, inevitably somebody gets tackled. Even so, millions of people watch the big game and so I thought maybe I should too. Here are a few things about this game I observed, learned or wondered about while intermittently switching the remote between Super Bowl and HGTV.
1. One single ticket cost anywhere from $1000 to over $20,000. And we're in a recession?
2. The commercials weren't funny or memorable, except for the ETrade babies. With a price tag of $2 million per 30 second slot, I guess the advertisers didn't get stimulus money for humor and originality.
3. The coach or manager for the Saints---the gum chewing guy in the black jacket, black cap, headset and sunglasses---looks a lot like Kenney Chesney.
4. Do the players wear the same uniforms for every game? I wonder how much each suit costs. Can the winners sell them on ebay for a ton of money?
5. A lot of the players look fat...really overweight. Their bellies resemble bulging rolls of blubber and their butts shake like pudding. Two words, big fellas: Body shapers.
6. The WHO did a decent half-time performance. Several old hits, one right after another, non-stop. They must have been exhausted afterwards. Roger Daltry still looks really good. I wonder if that's his real hair.
7. Over on HGTV, a couple bought a nice house in Carmel, a burb of Indianapolis, for just under one million dollars.
8. Back at the game, did you notice how often the players spit water out of their mouths and onto the sidelines? Gross. Imagine falling into that slimey cesspool of bacteria.
9. How many of you know the real story behind Who Dat Nation? I do. Check out Wikipedia for a quick explanation.
10. The winning team is awarded a huge gleaming gold trophy called the Lombardi Trophy, in honor of legendary Green Bay Packers coach, Vince Lombardi. But in the show's opening shots, why was rapper Jay-Z hoisting the trophy like he deserved it?
11. In the end, I have to admit it was an exciting game. The underdog Nawlins Saints not only won a stunning victory but the hearts of the nation...a powerful inspiration for Katrina devastated New Orleans.
12. And finally, an interesting side note. It turns out that after Janet Jackson's infamous costume malfunction at the 2004 Super Bowl, all the half-time shows since then have featured male Baby Boomer era performers. What? Old geezer guy rockers don't have to worry about crotch constraints? Here's the list of past Super Bowl half time acts:
   2005: Paul McCartney; age 63 that year.
   2006: Rolling Stones; Mick Jagger; age 63 that year.
   2007: Prince; age 59 that of the group.
   2008: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers; age 60 that year.
   2009: Bruce Springsteen; age 60 that year.
   2010: The Who; Roger Daltry is 66 and Pete Townshend is 64.
Do Boomers still rock or what? It's not Who Dat Nation. It's Boomer Nation that rules!~!  And that's what I got out of Super Bowl XLIV. Sphere: Related Content


KeLLy aNN said...

Who Dat? Dats Who!!!
OMG!! I'm not even a football fan, but I have to say, it brought a tear, or two to my eye. My great state of Louisiana needed this, wanted this, and deserved this! The great city of New Orleans shines tonight!
I say congratulations to the Saints and their fans, the most loyal there is!

on another note, the Man and I were having that same conversation about the "old" acts. And you are so funny! Your thoughts bring a smile to my face. said...

Great points. I was just talking to a friend about the fact that the half time shows have become "G-rated" since the "wardrobe malfunction." I didn't even know who played, but, thanks to your post, I am very glad for New Orleans too!

Anonymous said...

I am totally INTO football! Although I prefer college most of the time, I have been a N.O. fan as far back as I can remember! Who Dat like the half time show?!...NOT ME! The WHO stinks, yuuuucky stuff! Gimmee some Harry Connick Jr anyday, lol!

Marla said...

Roger Daltry .... need I say more?

Coffeypot said...

This might help you understand football.

gayle said...

Thank you very much for filling me in! I didn't watch and thanks to you I didn't miss a thing!!:) FunnY!!

Kathy R. said...

I watched parts of SuperBOwl and switched back and forth to the Sound of Music which was on the Family Channel.
Glad for the Saints and New Orleans and I agree about the commercials being so so.

Douglas said...

Was that the Who? I thought it was a few old guys from the nearby assisted living facility doing a reasonable imitation. Did they do "[Talkin' about] My Generation"? No? Didn't think so...

I'm 63 and I think they should hang up the axes...

conno59 said...

I watched the Puppy Bowl on the Animal Planet in between projects....way more fun! I'm not into pro sports at all and feel the athletes get way too much attention and money. When teachers in my state earn a livable wage, perhaps I'll care about the spoiled, overpaid, athletes who get PAID for doing somehthing the LOVE! Great blog! Glad I found you!

Sarah said...

I'm not a football fan either. Glad someone is sharing my dis-excitement. Now I'm off to wikipedia.

Jody said...

I watch for the commercials only. I was disappointed for the second year in a row. I am not sure I can sit through another boring game if the commercials don't entertain me.

Pam Aries said...

You are too funny for sure i a mlaughing my arse off about the geezer true!

Rae said...

Very funny. You certainly summed it up well. I am one of those crazy fools that loves football and I understand the game too. I guess it just takes understanding or maybe - stupidity.

Fergitude said...

Your observations are hilarious! Thanks for the smiles you brought me this early morning.

Brenda Grolle said...

I'm not a sports fan, period. But I knew without a doubt that your post would be well worth reading. :)

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