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Monday, July 12, 2010

Oh Those Sexy Soccer Boys

Did you happen to catch any of the World Cup soccer matches? Seems like the games lasted for months with every single country in the universe participating. I'm not much of a spectator sports enthusiast but I did watch some snippets of the soccer finals including the pinnacle battle between Spain and the Netherlands. And I came away with a few interesting personal observations.

If a sport can be considered is a TEN. The sport is rugged yet graceful as ballet. As for those magnificent players.....they're gorgeous! The soccer lads are downright hotties...trim, masculine and muscular without an ounce of fat/blubber on their striking, magnificent physiques. Nearly every soccer player sports astounding 6 pack abs that practically jump out of their sweaty jerseys. In comparison, a good many American football hulks resemble overweight, helmet-clad refrigerators as they lumber across a football field.

Soccer players are in top notch physical condition because they are constantly in motion. Unlike football games that seem to stop action every 2 minutes, soccer matches run for 90 minutes or longer without a break. The limber soccer guys sprint like gazelles exuding an amazing sense of balance, strength, endurance and incredible dexterity. It's one thing to catch a ball in your hands but try juggling, kicking, flipping and passing a ball...with your feet. In my opinion, it takes a whole lot more skill to play soccer.

Soccer players wear shorts, for goodness sake. Talk about self-confidence. This makes them fearless in my estimation. No helmets, no shoulder or knee pads, no mouth pieces, no chin guards, no fat, thick layers of padding strapped around their legs. The only thing between a soccer player's bare flesh and a violent thrust to his a flimsy T shirt. Players do have very sharp, fiendish cleats on the bottom of their shoes...which must really, really hurt should an opponent jam his flying foot into your face or chest.

From my brief stint at watching a few soccer matches on TV, I've gained an appreciation for this thrilling, non-stop sport. However, I will concede  that the scoring is less than exciting. Because the soccer ball changes "feet" so frequently, many games result in ties or very low scores. I prefer to see a definite winner and loser in a sports game. You almost feel cheated when the score results are so laughably low. Case in point, Spain finally pulverized the Netherlands for the 2010 World Cup supremacy with a beefy win of: one to zero.  Whooptee do. But the crazy thing is...the players severely injured and nearly killed themselves fighting for that humble score.

Finally, my last word on soccer: Vuvuzelas...those colorful but annoying, loud, raucous, monotone horns blown by enthusiastic fans during soccer games. It sounds like 100 zillion ear-splitting kazoos all blaring at the same time. If soccer players can withstand a stadium throbbing with deafening vuvuzelas...and emerge from a game with their sanity (and their hearing) intact...then they truly are indeed...the bravest athletes in the world.

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kathryn said...

Wow. I'm embarrassed to say that I didn't watch ONE of the matches. Not a single one.

But I certainly heard enough about 'em to stay somewhat current and your description makes it sound like a sport worth watching on a lazy Sunday afternoon...with a drink and some apps, maybe....

Cheeseboy said...

I am not a soccer fan, but I appreciate the sport. I am not sure on the attractiveness of the players, but I know that women's tennis is great. said...

I sure appreciate your appreciation of the soccer hotties, BP! I didn't watch any of it, but the athletes sound rather delicious. Clearly, I missed out. Thanks for the sampling!

Pauline said...

Fabulous post. I watched the soccer games that New Zealand played and then when they were knocked out of the competition (and now can proudly claim to be the only unbeaten team - they drew all games,) then lost interest for a while but my interest was re-ignited when it came to the semi-finals and finals. I was delighted to see you chose to compare them to gazelles. That is the word I chose for them, too. After the final I realized I had actually been watching the game and not the bodies!! Maybe I am now too old to appreciate the finer things! Oh please, NO!

ReformingGeek said...

It kind of reminds me of hockey without the sticks...or the skates...or the missing teeth....oh never mind.

The players do seem graceful and they have nice shapely derrieres indded.

transit said...

My favorite team Brazil did not win the cup T_T

Anyway, congrats to the team of Matador! They played very good.

Culture Served Raw said...

A beautiful post to sum up the event! I was obsessed, sleeping on the couch until of course Chile was knocked out. Any soccer boys are yummy. The spanish gaol keeper.. mm

Culture Served Raw said...

and by gaol i mean goal.. haha.. THAT could work too though

Donda said...

Why do those horns look like giant golf tees?

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