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Friday, July 13, 2012


The chairs haven't started to melt but it was 107 degrees on our deck.
It's hot. It's steaming, screaming, broiling, roiling hot. It's blistering, baking, fiery, scalding hot. It's stifling, sizzling, sweltering, white-hot, HOT. Last week on our deck, the temperature hit 107 the shade. And we live in Michigan.

It's been so feverishly hot up here this summer in our normally cool Great Lakes region, that yesterday a guy baked a pizza on the roof of his car...and the crust burnt. No telling how he'll get all that gooey mozzarella off the finish. It's so hot up here with no rain for weeks, that our big, sturdy maple trees are melting. The leaves are wilting, falling off and just plain surrendering to the heat. It's so hot, my sweat is sweating. It's so hot, the corn is popping on the stalk. The charcoal in our grill is firing up all by itself. Asphalt parking lots are turning into La Brea tar pits. My shoes get stuck on the sticky black-top, tennis courts.

Yet in spite of this hellish heat wave..there is refreshing, good news. I have met a new friend. A very cool, awesome, delightful, scintillating, shiveringly delicious friend....and his last name is Slushie. His first name is Vodka.

Vodka Slushie. My new BSF...Best Summer Friend. I even introduced Slushie to my hubs. We sit out on the deck on a balmy summer's eve, the stars twinkling above us, the crescent moon peering over the tall trees in our back woods and chill out with the coolest, tangiest, most refreshing alcoholic beverage since Jose Cuervo hooked up with Miss Margarita. After a couple sips, our body temps drop to below-sizzling. After half a glass, we feel like we're on a sleek sailboat bobbing in a fresh breeze on Lake Superior. Two glasses later and we're floating in the Antarctic (figuratively speaking).

Vodka Slushie has numerous advantages over frozen cocktails. For one thing, it doesn't get rock-solid frozen. It won't give you brain freeze. It's easy to sip  without numbing your tongue. You can make a batch ahead of time and wow your guests at an impromptu party or enjoy a glass just for yourself. It's not your convenience store slushie. It's so much better. It's got Vodka. Perhaps you've enjoyed one before. There are many recipe variations online. A bunch of us girlfriends became acquainted with Vodka Slushie at a Girls Nite Out gathering. Ever since, I've been a devoted fan... especially since it's been so excruciatingly hot outside.

Many people have asked for the recipe. So now, with enthusiastic pleasure and for the benefit of all mankind and womankind suffering from this infernal heat....I offer you the definitive way to beat the heat with a delicious, cool and refreshing concoction that will set your armpits to shivering in seconds and your taste buds screaming for more...the Vodka Slushie.

Vodka Lime Slushie 
2 six ounce cans frozen lemonade (partially thawed)
2 six ounce cans frozen limeade  (partially thawed)
8  cans water
3 cups Vodka (more or less depending on taste)
1 64 oz. bottle lemon-lime soda, chilled
Sliced limes or fresh mint leaves...for garnish

Mix all ingredients EXCEPT SODA, in big plastic bowl or large deep dish.
Freeze over night. (Be sure the bowl you use won't crack from freezing.)
The mixture will not completely freeze because of alcohol content.
When it's nearly frozen, it's time to serve.
Scoop mixture into glasses. Ice cream scooper works well for this.
Top off each glass with some lemon-lime soda to liquify a bit.
Garnish with lime slice or mint leaf or both.
Serve with tall spoons. At first it's very thick. But the lemon-lime soda helps it quickly melt into easy drinking consistency while remaining icy cold down to the last drop.
Extremely refreshing.
Serves at least 10 people, depending on size of glass.
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Jude said...


J.P. Travis said...

"It's so hot, the corn is popping on the stalk."

I've told you a billion times not to exxagerate. Before you feel too sorry for yourself, know that we spent two weeks in the worst of the heat wave sans air conditioning. Why so long you ask? Because we called the same heating-cooling numbnuts twice and they failed to correct the situation twice. Then finally we got a better company and it took a few days to schedule the installation of a new system. I've never been a big fan of A/C, but I'm in love with it right now.

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