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Monday, October 4, 2010

Fall on the Farm

There's just something extraordinary about a Fall day in the country...especially when it comes on the heels of a warm, humid summer. Crisp, refreshingly chilled air, heavenly blue skies, vivid colors of reds and oranges and yellows. Pumpkins, apples, fresh cider, glorious autumn leaves and giant flower pots overflowing with crysanthemums. The old farmsteads come alive with corn mazes, hay rides and harvest stands. Without a doubt, Fall is my favorite time of year. Here are a few glimpses of a recent visit to the countryside.

Century old barn stands in glory under cobalt blue skies.
Ancient weathered barn...if those walls could talk.
Nerdy scarecrow oversees the apple harvest.
Hey you lazy pumpkins...look lively now...customers are coming!
Why do they paint barns red?
Old school weather vane meets high tech cell tower as a cluster of gourds look on. pie, apple cider, apple strudel......
The pumpkins huddle together to plot their escape.
Ya, I'm a llama and I'm the boss of this place. You gotta problem with that?
You lookin at me?  Scram.

                                                 THE END
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James said...

A llama with 'tude! Such fun, thanks for sharing it with us.

ReformingGeek said...

What gorgeous photos!

I love fall.

OK. I love EARLY fall.

Susan Anderson said...

Great fall pictures!

(I don't know why they paint barns red, but I'm glad they do!!)


Linda Myers said...

I love everything about fall except the diminished hours of light. Even my small suburban garden looks beautiful right now. We're due for three more days of sunshine, and then I'll bring in the vegetables for the last time.

Steel Magnolia said...

Two theories on why barns are red. Early farmers in America treated the wood with linseed oil for preservation. The oil was mixed with either(1) blood from a recent slaughter OR (2) rust which is plentiful on farms and a deterrent to fungi, mold and moss. A sharp contrast to the white farmhouse either way! In Pennsylvania, barns were constructed of red bricks. Cheers!

J.P. Travis said...

Reminds me of my favorite singing group from the sixties, the Llamas on the Pappas.

diney said...

A real feast of photos - fantastic! I adore the llama with the scornful look!Never seen a red barn before - certainly makes a statement!

Murr Brewster said...

I just asked the same question about barns, and someone promptly informed me that red paint was the cheapest back in the day. Boo-ooring. I figured it was just that they didn't want the bulls charging the house.

Pearl said...

Fall is here and I love it.

Now if only we could winter to be as short and lovely as fall is!


Cheryl said...

Nice photos of a great day. Barns are red because way back when, red paint was the cheapest.

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