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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Walmart Greeter Strikes Again

So after landing a job as a greeter at Walmart,
not a bad gig for retirees...
I only lasted for one day.

About two hours into the job, I encountered a very nasty, loud, unkempt, unfriendly and downright ugly woman. She was hauling two kids with her and was shouting obscenities as she entered the store. 

As pleasantly as I could, I said: 
"Good morning. Welcome to Walmart. 
Cute kids you have there. Are they twins?" 

She abruptly stopped yelling, turned to me in disgust and shot me an evil laser eye.
"Hell no. They ain't twins. One's seven and this here one's ten. What the devil makes you think they're twins? They don't look like twins. 
Are you blind or just plain stupid?"

So I replied as sweetly as possible: 
"Mam, I'm neither stupid nor blind. 
I just couldn't believe somebody slept with you twice. 
Have a nice day and thank you for 
shopping at Walmart."

               Another silly but could easily be true, tale from old Maxine.
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Susan Anderson said...


Gotta love Maxine.


James said...

Thanks for the laugh!

ReformingGeek said...

That's one of my favorites!


Brenda Grolle said...

Love it!

Nancy/BLissed-Out Grandma said...

OMG I love Maxine.

Anonymous said...

Laughing out loud,So funny,I think I might borrow if you don't mind.

David J. M. Samson said...

Oh, how I hope this is true!

Would be gold!

Anonymous said...


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