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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Walkabout Dunedin

Tall masts overlooking Gulf of Mexico. Dunedin, Florida.

Currently, I am staying for a while in a quaint little Scottish town on the Gulf of Mexico called Dunedin, Florida. Brick streets, funky shops and tasty eateries. And of course...there's the beautiful Gulf with sailboats bobbing up and down as far as the eye can see in the sparkling water under a glinting sun. It's an easy walking town and I take advantage of that almost daily. Yesterday on my walkabout here's what I encountered:
  • An outdoor wedding in the park between a rather "mature" man and woman. I congratulated the blushing bride and she said: "Oh, this is my 6th husband and he's been hitched 4 times before."  I wonder if they'll last through February.
  • Two young children zipping through the park on rollerblades followed by what appeared to be their elderly grandparents...also on rollerblades, laughing their heads off while struggling to keep up. The grandmother nearly took a tumble but one of the kids grabbed her and granny straighted up and continued merrily rolling along.
  • Lots of bike riders cycling along the bike/walking trail. Several of them were riding very low-style bicycle contraptions that nearly touch the ground. I don't know what they're called but the rider nearly lays prostrate and peddles. Looks awkward but I've heard it's quite comfortable. I'll have to rent one and see for myself. If you can lay down and ride a cool is that. And if it had a cupholder for my Margarita glass...sold!
  • An older gent standing on the sidewalk looking befuddled and disgusted...both at the same time. I stopped and asked him if he needed help and he said he couldn't find his car in the nearby parking lot. I offered to assist and in a few minutes we found his car. He got in, started up and drove longer befuddled but still disgusted and crotchety. A simple "thank you" might have been nice.
  • Thousands of stately Spanish oak trees. The giant trees grow all over Dunedin and many are several hundred years old. They produce long, mossy plumes several feet in length that dangle down from the branches. The plumes swish and sway in the breeze like feathery-gray cotton candy.

Come on down and join me!
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The bike shed said...

Wild moss - I've never seen anything like that.

It is very cold here at the moment so I envy the sunshine too.

mCat said...

I could definitely go for some warmth right about now!

Sarah said...

looks like a lovely place. is your house being fixed right now?

Laurie said...

WOULD LOVE TOO!!! Feels like it's 30 below here (only it't not, it's 30 above!) Sigh. Wish I could ...

Glad you're having a good time though Boomer. I was in Clearwater last February for a Blues Festival. Fun! Fell in love with that part of Florida.

Marla said...

Great post. Makes me wish I was there.

Molly Potter said...

I love the idea of going for a walk and 'collecting' snippets like you did! In fact I might try just that...go for a walk and see what things I can collect, observations, comments, little happening.....might stop me walking into trees!

I love the idea (but unlikely to carry it out for lack of time) of writing a blog where you collect smiles....not just photographs of people that you see but also the reasons behind people's smile. I guess you'd become known as the smile catcher!

Boomer Pie. said...

Molly: The smile catcher"...very clever. Somebody will do it or has already done it. Sometimes there's sadness behind a brave smile. That would really be interesting. Thanks for stopping by.

Molly Potter said...

Hey Boomer...come over to my place (Just pleasantly floundering around....) and answer some questions...let me know more about you.

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