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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haiti Apocalypse

The horror of Haiti. It's hard to imagine hell in the middle of paradise. But for decades, Haiti has been the scourge of the Caribbean. A forlorn, mountainous island that's been plagued by unstable and corrupt government, violent rebellions and wicked dictatorships, brutal torture, voodoo culture, scorching poverty, horrific disregard for human rights, deplorable desecration of the environment, blood-thirsty drug gangs, devastating hurricanes, mudslides, floods and now...a monstrous earthquake.

I'm sure the Haitian people are seriously questioning why God hates them so much. What did they do to deserve such miserable chaos in their lives? Is their unimaginable agony a manifestation of divine wrath? Has God totally forsaken Haiti? Indeed, if there truly is a God...why would he so systematically punish such a downtrodden little island nation? There are outsiders who assert that the Haitians themselves brought many of their troubles down upon themselves years ago.

I make no claim to answer these existential quandaries. We don't always understand why things happen. Personally, I believe these catastrophic events are a supreme test of faith. An epic test of the character and goodness of mankind...or lack thereof. The manner in which human beings react and respond when tragedy befalls others with whom we share this planet offers a profound insight into the human spirit. Do we rise to the challenge with compassion and generosity? Or do we succumb to the baser levels of disinterest and noninvolvement?  I believe that in adversity, you just can't ask "Why?" or "Who's responsible? Sometimes you just have to give of yourself in the best way you questions asked. Sphere: Related Content


Fran Hill said...


Leah said...

Too long we search for someone to blame. It truly is a profound message you give, help, not hate!


Marla said...

Well said, Boomer

Kathy said...

Very well said.

The bike shed said...

Sometimes natural disasters help us to see things afresh - to review our attitudes to a nation and its people, helping us focus on the humanity that is powerless and suffers these dreadful governments and corruption. Perhaps in that way, it can bring some good too. I hope so.

K.R. said...


Anonymous said...

This is the best explanation I have found that offers some rational regarding the horror of Haitian earthquake:

"The massive earthquake that occurred in Haiti this week created a monumental heart opening for the planet. The pain, suffering, and tragic loss it created opened our hearts and shifted the planet, pushing it into the heart space that it will be now operating from. These beautiful and giving souls who agreed at their soul levels to be a part of this experience, have served this planet in ways unseen for a very long time. As it was time at many of their soul levels to depart, they agreed to depart in a way that would serve the planet and take it to its new and higher level. Haiti will become a very sacred space, as it already has, and this event will be remembered for a very long time. It was a part of our very new beginning, and a part that will change the vibration and direction of our new world as well. These brave, unbelievably loving and precious souls, have given to this planet more than we could ever know. They have assisted in shifting the planet into its very new way of being that involves coming from the heart, and the honor and reverence I feel for them and the many other souls involved, goes beyond words." - Karen Bishop of

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