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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Motorized Lounge Chair

Baby boomer ingenuity is alive and well. You may have heard about the 62 year old Minnesota man who turned his Lazy Boy recliner into a lean mean, road warrior. The guy customized his favorite lounge chair by installing a 8 hp lawn mower engine, joy stick steering wheel, headlights, stereo and built-in brewskie holder. Just think what he could do with a couch. Unfortunately, the motorized chair ended up in a fender bender...uhhh...make that foot rest bender. Seems that after leaving the Keynote Lounge one night during the summer of 2008 with eight beers under his belt, the fella flopped down on his pimped-up ride and crashed into a parked vehicle. No one was seriously injured. But he was charged with driving a self-propelled vehicle while intoxicated.

In retrospect, perhaps the guy was just trying to class up the drinking establishment. Afterall, what's more appropriate at a lounge than a lounge chair? Who wouldn't prefer a cozy, relaxing, cushy, leather lounger over a hard, wooden bar stool? After knocking back a few cold ones, maybe he was just aiming for comfort and not a parked car.
The judge didn't see it that way. This week, the man pled guilty to the incident. He was given a suspended jail sentence and two years probation along with a $2000 fine. His souped up chair-iot will be auctioned off by the local police department. Just goes to show, if you want to rev up your lounge chair and drink beer at the same time....make sure you're parked in your living room. Sphere: Related Content


Sarah said...

beer gut at its laziest form. :)

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