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Friday, October 23, 2009

Remember Soupy Sales?

How many boomers remember Soupy Sales? He is best known as the host of a TV show for kids that aired from the 1950 through the 1960s. Sale's trademark gimmick consisted of smooshing custard pies into the faces of shocked guests. Sales was an innovative TV personality for his time. He was not your kind and gentle, Captain Kangaroo or calm and soft-spoken, Mr. Rogers. He was a zany prankster and full of zip in his Vneck sweater and oversized bow tie. Cute with short dark hair and a goofy, boyish grin, Sales seemed like your loveable older brother who was always getting into trouble. His cool and hip comedic approach attracted A list celebrity guests like Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Shirley McClain...all of whom got the pie-in-the-face treatment. He loved music and introduced his young audience to jazz. He even recorded a hit novelty record, The Mouse and performed it on the Ed Sullivan Show, appearing at one time with The Beatles.

Soupy Sales died this week at the age of 83....after years of declining a nursing home. Probably not a very cheerful place for the once happy-go-lucky, sweet faced comedian. During the course of his career, he claimed he had been hit by more than 25,000 pies. What a delicious way to make a living. I wonder if he would've liked a slice of Boomer Pie. Sphere: Related Content


Char said...

Really, I had no idea he was that old!

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