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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Have You Noticed Lately....?

That Brittney Spears has gone mainstream? She's modeling clothes in a recent JC Penney catalog. What's next? Schlepping frig's for Sears?

That disgusting white speck on Glenn Beck's lip? It's always there. Is it spit? Chapped lip? Can't his make up people cover it up?

The change in appearance of Rev. Al Sharpton? He's lost a bunch of weight. His hair even looks thinner. Maybe a facelift too? Why doesn't he ever smile?

That a carton of ice cream is no longer a full half gallon? It's less. But more expensive.

That the stimulus isn't working and neither are millions of laid off Americans?

That for some cities in the Midwest including Chicago, it's been the coldest July on record?

That we haven't seen or heard Al Gore in a long time?

That Nancy Pelosi seems to be getting meaner and nastier every week?

That Jon Gosselin is nothing more than an unfaithful, mumble butt slob with the personality of a doorknob?

That Switzerland gets more appealing every day?

That the Woodstock music festival was 40 years ago? Whatever happened to peace, love, rock and roll? Sphere: Related Content


Janet said...

Those are some good observations. Hadn't pondered them recently, except maybe the Switzerland one!!

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