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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mark Sanford: A Two TimingTango Affair

There's a gal named Maria
She's from Argentina
And she's got a lover
He is the guvnor
Of South Carolina
He's muy fina
Ah yi yi yi---I do declare
It's a two timin' Tango affair.

But their love's on the skids
Cuz he's got a wife and some kids
Though he still likes her body
She's his sweet Latin hotty.
He sends her his love via email
Viva Buenos Aires, adios Appalachian Trail.

They sipped Margaritas
In corner cantinas
Now he'll get subpoenas
From his state and his wife
Oh what a life.

So full of raw passion
But he's turning ashen
Cuz the whole world is aware
He had a two timin' Tango affair.

Flushed with romancing
Imagine them dancing
As they gyrated the rumba
Or swayed to the samba
Tender whispers, illicit love---
His constituents wondered: WHERE'S THE GUV?

He's a debonair dreamer
A cad and a schemer
The guvnor from Dixie isn't too smart
He let Buenos Aires capture his heart.

Can he be forgiven
For recklessly livin'?
Has he danced his last Tango,
Ate his last mango
From the forbidden tree?
Will Buenos Aires set him free?
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Anonymous said...

99 percent of politicians are hypocrites.
Sanford should go to Argentina and stay there. His wife deserves better.

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