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Friday, July 17, 2009

They Bailed Out the Big Guys, But What About Us?

I'm a poor old lady with lots to lose
Fixed income but I've paid my dues
And now I'm singin' the bailout blues.
Sometimes I feel like throwing my shoes
At those bumbling, billionaire Wall Street yahoos.

They screwed things up but what do they care
If the rest of us live in doom and despair?
Congress gave them trillions out of thin air
But I can't afford new underwear.

I'm just a little old granny on main Street
Doing my best to make ends meet
But I confess, I'm overstressed
If I don't pay my mortgage, I'll be repossessed.

Woe is me, I'm mad as can be
Congress went on a spending spree
But they forgot about folks like you and me
Isn't there anyone we can trust?
They bailed out the big guys, but what about us?

Makes you wanna scream, makes you wanna cuss
They threw us good folk under the bus.
Now there's just one thing we all wanna know
Where in the heck did that money go?

Find me a doctor and call him quick
I think I'm gonna be financially sick.
Savings gone, my life's chaotic
I live on Tums and probiotics.

Sanjay Gupta, make us well
Save us from this living hell.
Doctor Sanjay, cure our ills
Give us all free Prozac pills.

Every day the news is grim
Oh what a mess this country's in.
Unemployment, high inflation
Got no money for medication
Can't afford a spa vacation,
Cost of bread gives me constipation.

I can't see Russia from my house, no less
But I can find my way home without a GPS
Life has gotten so complex
Now they message text instead of sex.

It's all about Facebook, Myspace, Twitter
Paula Dean bakes a mean corn fritter.
While politicians spew and sputter
She stirs in another tub of butter.

How sweet a world we could surely make
If we all sat 'round and ate her Red Velvet cake.
But no time for food; it costs too much.
Where is Obama's magic touch?

Whatcha gonna do, Barach Obama
To end this painful melodrama?
Change, change is all we hear
But I got no change to buy me a beer.

Fist bump the missus and let's get moving.
This country needs a lot of improving.
Global warming, Mid East aggression.
Hire Bill Gates to end the recession.

Yah, send Bill to Capital Hill. He's got clout.
He's got enough money to bail the whole world out.
Then fire off a press release
And put Oprah in charge of world wide peace.

Does Hilary Clinton know what to do?
Ask Brad Pitt for his point of view.
It's not that we want somethin' for nothin'
But we're not growing younger like Benjamin Button.

Tax cut, kiss my butt
It ain't enough to feed my mutt.
Zillions squandered on executive players
Zippo left for desperate tax payers!

Democratic congress is gettin' cozy
Wipe that smirk off, Nancy Pelosi.
You wanna tax anything that moves
But I believe we have a right to choose.

Yackety yack,
Congress gives us nothing but jack
I've always tried to be self reliant
But don't give MY tax money to a corporate giant.

The stimulus ain't working; it's a friggin ballyhoo.
So now they wanna try bailout Number Two.
It makes you wanna scream; it makes you wanna cuss
They bailed out the big guys but what about us?

You can't put lipstick on a pig
But you can drill for oil on an offshore rig
While the uber rich sip pina coladas
Bin Laden's likely holed up in the Bahamas.

So fist bump the Missus and let's get groovin'
This country needs a lot of improving
End our strife and aggravation
It's time to save this once great nation.

And there's still one thing we all wanna know

Money, money, money, money, money, money,
Show us the money, honey.
Show us the money.

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant and how true.

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