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Sunday, July 19, 2009

An Orderly Life

I believe in the power of personal self ORGANIZATION. It can be an amazingly effective, life-changing force. Do you know someone whose life is in disarray? Is their world a constant drama? Are they always late? Never prepared? Forgetful? Sloppy? Disorganized? Continually making excuses? Unhappy?
I am convinced that living an orderly life contributes to a stable, happy, fulfilled well-being. Disorder can come from outside forces but often it stems from lack of self worth. When you do not value yourself, you often neglect what belongs to you. You become unhappy. Unhappiness breeds discontent which leads to hatred. Hatred can erupt into chaos. Chaos and lack of understanding start wars.

Organization leads to a calming, peaceful existence. Organization creates convenience. A place for everything and everything where you can find it in seconds. Convenience saves time. Saving time allows you more opportunity to do other things. Opportunity affords you choices. When you have time to make choices you gain a better understanding of situations and of people. When you make choices you end up with consequences that can be good or not so good. How you respond to those consequences or circumstances shapes your life. We've all missed golden opportunities or made bad choices. We each must deal with the results of our choices. Stop blaming others. Stop blaming yourself. Stop wallowing in self pity. Take responsibility for your own actions. Start moving forward. What's done is done and over. Let it go. The good news is that you can take an unpleasant circumstance and turn it around for the better. But first you must organize your situation. Clean it up. Figure it out. Determine your priorities. Declutter your world. Unclutter your mind. Whatever is not working for you---remove it. Whatever or whoever is not leading you to where you ultimately want to be---ciao baby. Throw it out. Disengage. Simplify your life. Focus. Focus. Focus. Then organize. You will soon see remarkable, positive changes in your life.

After you have organized your personal life, your surroundings, your stuff, your priorities and your goals, you will eventually observe a dramatic transformation. You will be on time for your own life. People who are late, are selfish. You will no longer be selfish or self-involved. You will have time to give yourself to others. You will have plenty of time to be spontaneous. You will discover opportunities you've never had before. You will find freedom. You will become a better person. You will have quality time for friends and loved ones. You will actually be able to remember birthdays and mail greeting cards well ahead of time. You will have postage stamps in the house and know precisely where they are located. When your life is positive, you become happier. If you are happy, those around you will be happy too. It's not Pollyanna. It's not a smiley face fantasy. It's a thoroughly constructive process that takes time, thoughtful contemplation, self-reflection and determination. Think about how you want to live. Where you want to live. Who your truest friends are. Is it time to organize your chaos, fulfill your goals and improve your life?
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Anonymous said...

Right on......Organization is key!

ann said...

Nice post.. makes lots of sense. I am so dis-organised... and I always keep worrying about the unfinished work and end up doing nothing else. No time to spend with my family.

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